Earth Hour 2010 – Take a stand against climate change!

Participate in Earth Hour 2010. On March 27 turn out your lights for one hour and voice your concern for the future of our planet. Go to to pledge your support today.

As a member of the Living Planet Community, you have already made a commitment to lighten your footprint on the planet all year long. We now ask you to share your leadership with other Canadians. Pledge to turn out your lights at and while doing so, you can choose from a list of green actions you are taking. From using CFL bulbs to leaving the car at home one day a week…all you have to do is check off what you are doing. You’ll get your name on the Earth Hour homepage to act as an example for other Canadians!

Sign up at and light the way again on March 27. It’s as easy as turning off your lights.

Why is Earth Hour so important this year?

Political leaders around the world have not yet negotiated a global deal on climate change. The United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen last December fell far short of our hopes, and far short of what’s needed. Earth Hour 2010 is critical to tell world leaders to finish the job by quickly completing a fair, ambitious and binding deal to avert dangerous climate change.

In particular, Canada will be in the spotlight this year as Prime Minister Harper hosts the next meeting of the G20 countries in Canada this June, where the climate talks must continue.

Sign up at!

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