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As 2011 begins, the professional home staging industry in North America is coming into its own as a completely integrated adjunct of the existing real estate industry in both the United States and Canada.  Our two countries, as well as individual regions of each, have had a very differing experience regarding economic indicators and consumer attitudes that profoundly affect the real estate market. The Canadian market continues to outperform the US market, and all indicators predict this will continue in 2011 and into 2012.
Experienced professionals in the staging and real estate industries confirm that regardless of market conditions – buyers’ market, sellers’ market, or balanced market – the integration of professional home staging services into the marketing plan of a well-priced home brings exceptional results for the homeowner and the real estate professional.

As the leader in real estate staging training in North America, CSP International™ Business Training Academy is committed to providing quality information to further the understanding and growth of our industry.  We have consulted with successful real estate staging and sales professionals spanning the continent to provide a snapshot of the industry as it is now and where it is going.  Their analysis provides a unique and personal perspective to a growing industry that is just beginning to reach maturity.  We hope it answers some questions for you and gives you real insight into this growing phenomenon that has transformed the way real estate is sold in North America.

Sneak Peak….Industry Outlook for 2011

Vancouver, BC
“… buyer demand is in closer alignment with supply while buyers are able to take advantage of low interest rates. Local first time buyers are expected to be a large part of the market this year. Not only are these buyers typically younger than the average seller, they expect properties to be move-in ready with a fresh decor and lower utility costs. Vancouver’s professional home staging consultants will continue to be busy helping clients refresh their homes, generating buyer interest and maximizing selling prices.”San Francisco Bay Area, CA
“The outlook for staging in California is definitely good: the practice is established and promoted by media and consumers alike. Success will require a coordinated approach between realtor and stager, culminating in a strategically priced and rejuvenated home.”

Staging Success Statistics

This resource tool and statistical data from CSP®’s will also enable CSP International™ Academy™ to analyze regional, national and international statistics for future reports.

“2011 Home Staging Trends in North America
with Industry Outlook for 2011”

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