Successful Sales Start by Setting the Stage:

At Aeromove®, we say that our business is about bringing you “everything that moves you.” It’s a catchy phrase, but for us, it also reflects our commitment to providing support for all your move-related needs. That is why it makes perfect sense that Canadian Staging Professionals™ has recently become an Aeromove partner.

Professional staging is fast becoming an integral part of the real estate scene. Consider this:

You’ve decided to buy a home, and you’ve narrowed down a location and your price range. Now, it’s time to find that perfect place. You may be surprised to learn that those two factors – location and price – represent 78 percent of a buyer’s decision. As a homeowner, you cannot change your location and to a great extent, price is dictated by the market. The focus has to be on the other 22 percent of the decision.

That 22 percent comes down to two simple words: first impression. It takes just a few minutes to form an opinion on everything from the cleanliness, functionality, ambiance, and potential for making a certain place a home. The professional stagers at Canadian Staging Professionals (CSP) have built their reputations by helping their clients make the best impressions.

CSP began as the brainchild of its founder and president, Christine Rae. A long-time corporate executive, Christine began CSP with the goal of bringing her penchant for high standards and business ethics together with her knowledge of design and the real estate industry. Having done extensive training in New York City, Seattle and in North Carolina, Christine knew there was a need for a distinctly Canadian approach to staging. Now, CSP is Canada’s leading source for finding highly trained stagers across the country, is the primary destination for anyone wanting to become a stager, and it is the company more real estate agents turn to, on behalf of their clients. They are a Canadian success story, and they’re expanding into Australia, Germany and France.

What can a CSP stager do for you? For home owners wanting to sell, it begins with an in-home consultation. From there, your stager can help identify those things that can be done to maximize your home’s appeal. This might mean creating more space, improving lighting and improving the flow of your home. Even if you’re savvy with design, an expert opinion might help. A shocking 42 percent of global paint sales come from buying the wrong colour first! Whether the improvements you make are subtle or substantial, getting things right the first time saves you time, money and stress.

Why choose Canadian Staging Professionals?
• CSP stagers are independent business owners with deep connections in their communities. They are certified, have passed rigorous examinations, and because they are part of the CSP family, they receive continuing education that sets them above their peers.
• They do home staging and much more! Stagers also work with builders and investors, focus on vacant properties, luxury homes, and coordinate executive moves.
• CSP has developed and trademarked an additional specialization, known as Ecostaging™. A CSP stager with an Ecostaging designation has particular skills that can help improve your home’s first impression, while making a commitment to protecting the environment. A recent survey published by the Green Building Council indicated that 92 percent of buyers would pay up to $11,200 more for an energy efficient house.

Of course, because CSP is now an Aeromove partner, you also gain the added value of receiving Aeroplan® Miles!

As CSP’s Christine Rae says, “wherever the eye rests, the sale begins”. For a smoother, more successful move and Aeroplan Miles too, make CSP your choice for staging.

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