CSP International™ Business Training Academy Teaches Important Long-Term Entrepreneurial Skills

I recently read an interview with Robert Kiyosaki, the author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, and something he said really resonated with me.

“The problem is most people don’t build the business; they build themselves a job. They’re self-employed and that’s the problem. Businesses by definition must have integrity. Integrity means it just holds its shape and it can operate without you.”

In this quote, Kiyosaki, who has co-authored a book about entrepreneurship with none other than Donald Trump, really gets to the root of one of the biggest issues in business at the moment. A lot of entrepreneurs are primarily concerned with getting themselves a job, a relatively short-sighted aim that will help fulfill short-term goals. What should be more important is establishing a strong business base. That way, they can not only be in charge of their own futures, but they will also be boosting the economy by generating more jobs than just their own.

Very few businesses can survive with just one person doing everything; if every new company hired three additional people, to take care of accounting, secretarial duties, etc., the recession would be over. Entrepreneurs who think beyond themselves when setting out onto new ventures, are more likely to  thrive.

Graduates from the CSP International™ Business Training Academy, are trained professionals.  They learn how to establish themselves as businesspeople, not just potential employees. As business expert Michael E. Gerber said, “Working on the business not in the business is key to success.” The professionals who follow our process and marketing matrix, learn to set long-term goals for their business, and are equipped with the skills, knowledge and abilities to ensure they will always be in demand.

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