Maximize Property Value and Reduce Marital Stress

According to statistics 50% of today’s marriages fail; no matter how you look at it, couples who divorce in today’s society are faced with dividing their assets, and the largest to negotiate is the house. In today’s strained economy what used to be the most valuable asset in many marriages has become the most burdensome. Rather than fighting to retain it, couples are fighting against it, because of the debt load. The good news is it doesn’t have to be so stressful. By hiring a home staging company to navigate the preparation to “market ready” the property, divorcing couples have found they are able to resolve differences, resulting a faster sold property at a price higher than they thought possible.

In a recently published USA Today article, families are having so much trouble with selling their homes that they resorted to foreclosure. “Some couples are being creative by having one spouse stay in the home through the foreclosure process. The article says by not having to pay the mortgage, the burden is reduced as well as the stress on the family. What that means is the other partner has more money for spousal and child support.”

Obviously this is not a best-case scenario; you don’t have to settle for financial disaster.

If you are going through a divorce, the best way to maximize your home’s value is to sell your home at the best price possible. By working with a trained, real estate savvy home staging company, your property will be transformed to appeal to a targeted segment of potential buyers who are most likely to purchase. You can enjoy new beginnings for yourself, as your property attracts new buyers who can buy without the acrimony and stress of a divided household.  When a property is staged, buyers can more easily see the higher value in the property as a result of the techniques used to highlight the best features of living in that space. Not only will the results ease your monetary strain, but also eliminate the burden of stress on your already heavy relationship situation.

There is a solution for selling your house successfully; working with a Certified Staging Professional gives you The Sellers Edge™   Find a stager near you at .   Interested in starting your own business go to or call 1 888 STAGING



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