Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations With Sellers

How YOU Can Make Home Sellers Listen, Understand, Accept, and Take Action

As professional staging consultants, we are first and foremost in the communications business. When serving our clients, it is not enough to KNOW what has to be said and not even enough to SAY what has to be said. It’s HOW you present yourself and your recommendations so that home sellers will listen, understand, accept and take action.

This system will give you a tried and true method that you can practice and perfect to increase your professional staging consulting expertise and effectiveness and expand your business.




Course Fees:

$49.00 + Applicable taxes

“I did enjoy this recap of how to be with and talk with clients. I like Nairn’s no-nonsense approach; she appears very creative with a keen business sense (often thought of as opposites!” -Kathryn Wilson

ALL participants earn 1 CE Credit towards attaining the CSP International™ Masters Designation upon successful completion of this webinar

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