Home Staging 101: Become the Expert

Think about the last time you selected a service provider—a dentist, doctor, lawyer, accountant, or something along those lines. If you are like most people, a number of factors went in to the decision. Price may have been a factor. Location may have been a factor. But almost certainly, expertise was a factor. And for good reason—after all, we naturally want to trust matters of importance only to those most qualified to handle them. The world of home staging is no different. When you are competing with other professional stagers, your level of perceived expertise is critical… because your prospects want to work with an expert!

So what can you do to build this expert status? Below are a couple of ideas.

1) Publish blogs and articles related to home staging. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate expertise is to become an author. Even if potential clients don’t read everything you’ve written, simply the fact that you are writing about home staging boosts your credibility. And when a prospect does read one of your blog posts or articles, you can bet that they will factor your expertise into the equation when making their decision.

2) Speak at seminars and networking events. Most people are terrified to speak in public—and therefore, assign instant credibility to those that are brave enough to speak effectively. You don’t have to deliver a masterpiece, either—just the willingness to stand up and share a bit about what you do and how home staging can help home sellers is enough to make an impact. It may not be the most comfortable thing for you, but if you can find opportunities to speak about home staging, you would be well advised to take advantage!

3) Put your face on the cover of a leading home staging magazine! We are pleased to help home stagers differentiate themselves from the competition by offering the opportunity for them to get a picture of themselves on the cover of our leading CSP ® magazine. Learn more here: http://www.stagingtraining.com/.

When it comes to overcoming the competition and closing sales, expert status is crucial. These three steps will help – please get in touch if you would like to learn more!

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