Four Reasons A Home Staging Business May Be Calling You

If you’re thinking about starting a home staging business but aren’t sure whether or not you really want to do it, let’s have a virtual chat.

First, you need to know what home staging is NOT. It is NOT:

  • a magical cash cow that will turn you into a millionaire with little work on your part.
  • an overnight six-figure income (but it DOES happen – with commitment and hard work).
  • a simple process of de-cluttering and arranging a few pieces of furniture – there is a great deal of strategy involved in the process of a job well-done that attracts buyers and facilitates the property selling cycle at higher prices in the marketplace.

Now that we’re clear on that, here are just four reasons (there are more) as to why starting a home staging business right now is a great idea:

1) Always in demand. Home staging is a recession-proof business. No matter what the economy may be doing at any given moment, real estate is always being bought and sold. Sellers always have a desire to sell their property at maximum value. Therefore, you’ll always have work. Unlike many industries that rise and fall depending on the state of the economy, there is always a need for home staging.

2) Great income. Having a business is a way to earn a good income. If you’re thinking of going into business without considering that, we need to have another conversation. However, trust me, home staging can pay very well—I’ve personally experienced it, and seen many of my students do the same. The good news is that the best part isn’t even the money—it’s the freedom provided by the income. Freedom to travel. Freedom to pursue other passions. Freedom to spend your time as you see fit. You create your own economy.

3) No barriers to entry. It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to start a home staging business, and complicated certifications or degrees aren’t required. A CSP® designation will help you establish credibility and get the word out by leveraging the tools and the international brand of CSP® for your benefit. But unlike most businesses which require a large investment in office space, machinery, or other assets, it takes very little cash up front to launch a successful staging business.

4) Be the boss. For many of our students and clients, the very best part of owning a home staging business is not having to take orders from someone as a subordinate. You’re building YOUR dream – not someone else’s. You don’t have to listen to your boss drone on in meetings and you don’t have to abide by rules and regulations set by others. You set your own schedule, your own agenda and even your own working hours. If this sounds like a dream come true… it is. And it’s become a reality for hundreds of home stagers that I have personally trained and coached!

Home staging isn’t for everyone. Like any business, you must be committed, self-motivated, have a modicum of creativity and be willing to put in the time it takes to build a successful business. With those factors going for you, starting a home staging business will likely be the best decision you can make for the rest of your life!

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