Home Staging Success: Do You Value Relationships?

There is a lot that goes into building a successful home staging business, and we have talked about many of those elements right here in this blog. Today we are going to focus on an area that doesn’t get as much attention as it should, not just in the home staging industry, but in the world of business in general. And that area is relationships. Believe it or not, the emphasis you put on certain key relationships can make or break your business! Here are three particularly important relationships to nurture:

Relationships with real estate agents. It’s hardly a secret that good relationships with local agents are a key ingredient to success for home stagers. However, few stagers put the time and effort into these relationships that they should be—it’s not enough to send the occasional thank-you card. You need to be working hard to build the relationship—speaking on the phone, taking the agent out for lunch; but even more importantly than “wining and dining” is that you make the agent look good for recommending you.

Relationships with clients. Obviously a good relationship with your clients is important just to enable you to work together. But you want (or should want) more than just a working relationship… you want your clients to become raving fans of your business. You want them to recommend you every chance  they get. That’s why it is so important to go “beyond the call of duty” for each client. Work hard to turn them into a vocal fan of your business!

Relationships with employees. Many business owners don’t think twice about their employee relationships. After all, you pay them every two weeks, right? What more do they need? Actually, the truth is that the way you treat your employees impacts the way they treat your customers. If your employees are loyal and appreciative of you, it will show in their work and their interactions with your customers. On the other hand, if they feel unappreciated, they are going to do a sub-par job working for you.

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