It’s not just about how great your house looks!

I am a stager, so of course I want your house to look great when you sell it. Because, let’s face it, I like nice things!! But looking good is only one piece of the puzzle. Great stagers are committed to getting sellers the best price, and the best price comes from making sure there’s no room for buyers to negotiate.

Buyers pay more for move-in ready living room4

It is true, buyers will pay at least $5000 more for a home with no work required! But buyers are also looking for any reason to negotiate, and why wouldn’t they? They want the best value for their dollar, too, and that means digging for something that isn’t quite up to snuff – something that isn’t quite a deal-breaker, but definitely something that isn’t perfect.

Sellers need to give buyers every reason to [want to] pay more and absolutely no reason to think they should pay less!

Repairs can be deal-breakers

Nobody wants to pay for the repairs that come from not doing proper maintenance, and why should they? Maintenance is the responsibility of the seller, not the buyer. If the seller chooses not to make the repairs prior to selling, they have to be prepared to negotiate their desired price. The tough part for a seller to swallow is that it doesn’t matter if the house is priced right, if there is a reason to negotiate, the buyer’s offer price won’t just drop by the value of the repair – it will be considerably more.

Updates are costly

Updates might reflect personal taste, but they should also reflect current trends that are appealing to buyers who are moving up the ladder. Stagers know what’s selling, and what’s not, in an area. They will make sure sellers are investing in an upgrade that is going to get them a good return. Granite counters are an obvious one – in some areas you would never get your investment back and in others, it’s a mandatory selling feature.

Think of carpeting? Why would a buyer agree to pay for 70s worn, orange carpet when they are savvy enough to know that carpet should be replaced every seven to eight years, hmm? Did you know that new flooring can bring the seller 169% return on their investment?

A good stager leaves no door unopened

A stager’s primary focus at the consultation is to give the sellers all the information they need to get their house in top notch condition so that there’s not one tiny bit of room for negotiation. When done right – and stagers always do it right – the stage is set to have the RIGHT buyers clambering to offer their best price and more!


Book a consultation with a trained stager today and we’ll make sure sellers don’t leave any money on the table!

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About Catherine Lewis-Brown

Catherine Lewis-Brown, CSP International Master Stager, is the proud owner of Ready to List Staging in Toronto. In addition to running a very successful staging business, she is a passionate trainer and mentor for Certified Staging Professionals. You can learn from her face-to-face at the CSP 3-day staging foundation course in Canada, and around the world when she teaches stagers courses like the Vacant Staging Specialist. Catherine loves what she does and is always excited to share her knowledge and first-hand experience of the impact of staging with the real estate industry!