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The decision to sell your family home has been made. You may be moving into a larger home to accommodate your growing family or downsizing to enjoy your retirement. No matter what your reasons are, there is no denying that this will be an exciting and stressful time for you and your family. Given this fact, it is important to take steps to make your property appealing to all potential buyers hopefully securing a quick sale. Neutralizing your décor is a definite must before listing your property on the Real Estate Market.

We know that you and your family have made a multitude of memories over the years and packing away your family photos, mementos and personal items may be a struggle. You must keep in mind that you’re embarking onto a new chapter of your life and without neutralizing your property, today’s buyers will find your personal preferences & style distracting. It is vital that the buyer makes a personal connection with your house, visualizing their family creating their own memories. Without this connection it is doubtful you will receive that quick offer, so roll up those sleeves and start packing!

Here is a list of a few personal items the home buyer may find distracting and why….

Remove all family photos – buyers are focusing on your family instead of envisioning their own
Personal collections –the buyer maybe drawn to your collection instead of concentrating on the features your space has to offer
Religious items – when selling your home you want to appeal to the masses. Like your family photos, religious symbols are very personal and typically buyers find distracting. If removing them is not possible then I suggest taking them down during an Open House or viewings by a prospective buyer. Dedicating one small space as a prayer room is another option.

Once you have these items packed away, take them to an offsite storage unit. Remember, today’s buyers also have a long list of must haves. High on that list are spacious, well organized homes. But that’s another blog!

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