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How can home owners sell fast and for top dollar in a marketing crunch?  Builders started speculating by constructing dozens and dozens of new Condo’s and houses to keep up with the influx of new workers and new business ventures that were coming to the Regina area. The vacancy rate was less than 1% a few years ago. Now the vacancy rate is around 4% – 5% and people are wondering how to best market their homes to sell quickly and for the best possible price.
Here are the best ways to get your home sold:
1.  Depersonalize: Go through each room and pack everything that tells who is living there – photos, collections, pet stuff, anything on the floor but furniture.

2.  Repair/Upgrade/Paint: Make sure you fix anything that has leaked, is stained, has been damaged or doesn’t work. Pay attention to flooring, lighting and plumbing. Freshen the paint with “Staging Safe” colours.

3.  Kitchens and Bathrooms: These are the most used and most sought after updates, and the most return for your investment.

4.  Curb Appeal: Trim the Bushes, Weed, Sweep, Repair anything broken, add lighting, Give the front door a fresh coat of paint.

5.  Clean: Everything needs to be sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

6.  Stage each room to its original purpose. ex – Dining rooms and Bedrooms not offices or playrooms.

7.  If your home is vacant it should be Staged with the right amount of furniture and accessories to make each room look inviting.

As a long time Home Stager, my business has seen the ups and downs of the Real Estate Market, and the advent of more people using the internet to view listings. People are more savvy about what they should look for because of HGTV and Property Shows. This has changed the marketing efforts of Realtors and Home Owners. A consultation with a complete list of items on a To Do List can help you get your home ready for the market, and Sell faster and for Higher Profit. I have trusted contacts for  a handyman, plumber, painter, and flooring specialist. I also get Designer Discounts at most stores, which I pass on to my customers..  I believe homes are meant to be beautiful and comforting, so that we can all be inspired to lead productive, resourceful lives. Call me before you list your home and I will help you decide what to do to get it ready to sell faster and for higher profit.

Dianne Thompson, CCSP, CCC|


This home was Staged with enough furniture and accessories to make it look inviting, and to show off the beautiful bay window in the room.

This home was Staged with just enough furniture and accessories to make it look warm and inviting.

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About Dianne Thompson

My name is Dianne Thompson. I took my staging training in Regina in Sept 06 with the Certified Canadian Staging Professionals, and followed that with more personalized training with a professional stager in Edmonton. I then teamed up with another stager and began redesigning rooms before starting to stage properties for sale on my own. My expertise has grown with each job and my inventory is increasing every year. Most of my listings are in the $300,000 to $550,000 range. but I have also worked on small apartments and million dollar Show Homes. I brought in an extra stager, handyman, painter and packers/cleaners to keep up with the demand. I now am a Certified Colour Specialist, and Artist and have brought colour and Wow Factor to every room I stage. I believe that homes are meant to be beautiful and comforting, so that we can all be inspired to lead productive, resourceful lives.