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HELP!!! As a real estate agent I want to know about staging but don’t want to do the work! How do I tell the seller they need the expert help […]

HELP!!! As a real estate agent I want to know about staging but don’t want to do the work! How do I tell the seller they need the expert help of a stager? I don’t want to offend anyone or lose the listing.

CSP International has developed a new designation for agents to give you a marketing edge by understanding, using, and easily presenting staging to clients for top-dollar transactions – all while protecting your client’s equity!
Staging is an approach to real estate that evolved in a slow market (when mortgage rates were at 20%) to move properties faster and easier. Today it’s a necessity in any property sales transaction, in any market, for every property! Would you like to attract more listing appointments? If you see the importance of detailing a car before you sell it, prefer someone else handle sticky conversations about your client’s property to preserve your relationship with them, and if you knew property would sell at least 90% faster than average, would you do what it takes? What would happen to your reputation if you were known as the “must see” property agent?

All this and more is possible when you understand the ins and outs of staging and how it can impact not only your clients’ lives, but your personal career too. Staging is a powerful, practical marketing strategy used to enhance a property for sale.

Certified Staging Professionals use a three-step process that begins with a consultation to get the property ready for showcasing by using lifestyle – selling techniques to merchandize the space and create a positive impression on buyers the minute they walk through the door.

The Real Estate Staging Association, through whom the CSP certification program is accredited, reports staged properties spend almost 90% less time on the market than non-staged. Staged properties reflect maximum values for your clients and create connections between potential buyers and your client properties. That’s all great, but the question most agents ask is, “How do I sell my CLIENTS on staging? Ah-ha! That’s what the CSP Elite Agent Program teaches you.

Learn about the impact staging has on buying and selling decisions, as well as:

    The benefits for you, your seller, and the buyer to implement staging into the sales process.
    The five factors that determine a sale plus facts, trends and statistics you can use to communicate effectively.
    How to get the seller involved in the staging process, and how your stager keeps your client motivated throughout the process.
    The four types of staging consultations, curb appeal, color and room design principles – and how to present them to your client.
    Pricing (who pays) scripts to inform the seller without offending, and much more.

Testimonial: “I just completed the two-part webinar; I thought it was excellent, with a wealth of information, and I look forward to moving forward with the designation and integrating the staging process further into our business model.” – Jackie Martin, Sales Representative, L.H. Lind Realty, Inc.

For more information, please visit or call 1-888-STAGING.

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Christine Rae blends her passion for the staging and decorating industries, her desire for helping people develop their potential, the thrill of training to the presentation of the CSPâ„¢ workshop. She has honed her skills and built her knowledge through extensive training in a variety of disciplines. During the last five years Christine has trained over 1600 people and in 2004 was recipient of an International Staging Award. Christine believes a crucial part of success as a trainer is to keep your hand in the industry you speak and teach about. This is why she continues to work (outside of training sessions) at building her own staging business, and works with a select group of Realtors® . The best business anyone can have is from a referral - it is an honor and privilege to work with you and your sphere of influence. Wellness with Essential Oils: