Staging a Small Condo in Regina

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Last week I brought furniture and accessories to a Condo Show Suite that was going to be used to help rent the rest of the units. The Living room was small and narrow (12 x 15), and had to be accessed from both the front and the door to the balcony. The balcony doorway also cut into a section of the living room. However, that wasn’t the biggest challenge, the builders wanted to have a dining table in the space as well. I drew out several plans, knowing that I had to work around the small bistro table and stools that were available to use. I also wanted to use the small sectional that usually fits in undersized spaces. I have a glass coffee table that is useful to make a room appear functional yet it seems to float  without taking up a lot of visual space. Then we brought in a few additional chairs, a colourful side table, lamp and some accessories. We also used a glass TV stand and put a few accessories on it rather than the black box of a TV that does nothing to add to a room. We hung a mirror over the space added a few plants and a picture and the room looked and felt complete.

Next we set up beds, nightstands, lamps and accessories in each bedroom. I put a glass desk in the small bedroom with a twin bed to indicate there is room enough for a larger bed or the room could be used for an office.

The kitchen did not include appliances, so I added a few accessories and some painted stools under the counter for extra seating. We added bathroom shower curtains, some towels and accessories, and completed the staging project in about 4 hours, including delivery time.

It’s fun to see it all come together, but the time it takes to plan what to take, then get it packed, loaded and delivered takes skill and patience. Coordinating a team to come together at the right times for pickup, delivery and setup also takes time and a sense of humour. Then there are photos to take, paperwork to complete, payments to be collected and delivered and online marketing to show your work.

Staging is a fun and varied career, and I love it! If you would like a consultation to see how I can help you get your home ready to market call me. You can reach me through

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About Dianne Thompson

My name is Dianne Thompson. I took my staging training in Regina in Sept 06 with the Certified Canadian Staging Professionals, and followed that with more personalized training with a professional stager in Edmonton. I then teamed up with another stager and began redesigning rooms before starting to stage properties for sale on my own. My expertise has grown with each job and my inventory is increasing every year. Most of my listings are in the $300,000 to $550,000 range. but I have also worked on small apartments and million dollar Show Homes. I brought in an extra stager, handyman, painter and packers/cleaners to keep up with the demand. I now am a Certified Colour Specialist, and Artist and have brought colour and Wow Factor to every room I stage. I believe that homes are meant to be beautiful and comforting, so that we can all be inspired to lead productive, resourceful lives.