Thinking about adding Colour in your Home?

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Have you noticed lately how your eye moves toward bright colours? When you go to a store, thinking about possibly a change in your home — like a new sofa pillow, a paint change or maybe new bedding — colour is so attractive.

Bright colours, or even well matched eye-appealing colours, motivate us and awaken our senses. As the old saying goes, if you want a new colour palette, turn to nature because nature can bring about some of the most beautiful swatches ever seen. Colour is the most important piece in successful decorating and if used creatively, it is exciting and rewarding.

Decorators can say it is easy, but we know it’s a big commitment to change colour schemes. You need to like it more than a season, so where should you start? When it comes to colour, you should decide what tone to use. Looking at a colour wheel will give you a jumping off point. Choose your favourite colour first then look at what complements it, one that makes it look richer than it is on its own. (Pansies are a good example).

Next follow the 60-30-10 rule – the highest percentage is the most dominant – walls, ceiling, floor, – 30 will be secondary – accent wall, furniture, bedding, – and 10 for your accent and for interest – cushions, accessories.

Start with making a decision on what room will be first for a face lift. Then you have to decide if the change will only be paint or will it be fabrics and accessories as well? I believe it is best to start with an accessory that you love – bedding, upholstered chairs, special cushions. It is easier to pick a paint colour to match these than trying to find something that goes with your paint colour and getting a shade that is not quite what you wanted.

Spring is coming and once we can start opening up the windows to air the house out, we may be inspired to create a fresh new look with colour as well!

If you feel overwhelmed trying to get it right, call me. I am trained as a Certified Colour Consultant, am an Artist, and have been working with colour all my life.

Dianne Thompson, Simply Stunning Designs.

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About Dianne Thompson

My name is Dianne Thompson. I took my staging training in Regina in Sept 06 with the Certified Canadian Staging Professionals, and followed that with more personalized training with a professional stager in Edmonton. I then teamed up with another stager and began redesigning rooms before starting to stage properties for sale on my own. My expertise has grown with each job and my inventory is increasing every year. Most of my listings are in the $300,000 to $550,000 range. but I have also worked on small apartments and million dollar Show Homes. I brought in an extra stager, handyman, painter and packers/cleaners to keep up with the demand. I now am a Certified Colour Specialist, and Artist and have brought colour and Wow Factor to every room I stage. I believe that homes are meant to be beautiful and comforting, so that we can all be inspired to lead productive, resourceful lives.