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Home staging is a real estate marketing tool that really stands out. Staging is one way to make sure your home is as attractive as possible to your target buyers.

As your real estate agent helps you prepare your home for sale, she or he may mention using the services of a professional home stager. I work with many agents who even offer my staging consultations as part of their services. Here are reasons why top-rated agents say that staging works to sell homes:

Home staging has proven results
Homes staged before hitting the market sell, on average, 73 percent faster than their unstaged counterparts, according to the Real Estate Staging Association.

But if you’re concerned about whether to spend a few hundred or several thousand dollars on staging, weigh the cost against the additional mortgage payments and possible price reductions that may result if your home lingers on the market.

Be aware, too, that following an initial consultation, a professional stager can scale services to fit your needs and budget. Often, a stager will provide a list of suggested actions and improvements and it’s your choice how many to act upon.

Location is important, but it’s not everything
Even a stellar location and listing price can’t guarantee that your house will be snapped up quickly. The benefit of staging is that it complements the features already embedded in your home’s appeal, such as the architecture and neighborhood, and can create the lasting impression needed to inspire offers.

Clearing clutter is just the start
Staging your home is about more than reducing clutter and “depersonalizing” your space so that buyers can imagine themselves living in it. A staging professional can work with your real estate agent to create a space that will be marketable to the largest possible audience.
Even if you are a decor-savvy homeowner with a great sense of style, it’s important to note that the benefits of staging go beyond simply making a space attractive. A professional who understands what buyers want can present alternatives — such as furniture placement and paint colours, for example — that can make your home appear larger, more open and attractive to buyers.

A picture is worth a thousand words
Most home buyers begin their search online. Without an attractive digital presence, your home may be passed over at first glance. Staging your home can lead to wonderful photos that give you the visual edge you need to get buyers through the door. Knowing the strengths of your property and highlighting them from the moment you list will provide a significant advantage, regardless of current market conditions.

When you have decided you are going to sell your home, call me for a consultation to help you get it ready for the fastest, most profitable sale.

Dianne Thompson,  www.simplystunningdesigns.ca

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About Dianne Thompson

My name is Dianne Thompson. I took my staging training in Regina in Sept 06 with the Certified Canadian Staging Professionals, and followed that with more personalized training with a professional stager in Edmonton. I then teamed up with another stager and began redesigning rooms before starting to stage properties for sale on my own. My expertise has grown with each job and my inventory is increasing every year. Most of my listings are in the $300,000 to $550,000 range. but I have also worked on small apartments and million dollar Show Homes. I brought in an extra stager, handyman, painter and packers/cleaners to keep up with the demand. I now am a Certified Colour Specialist, and Artist and have brought colour and Wow Factor to every room I stage. I believe that homes are meant to be beautiful and comforting, so that we can all be inspired to lead productive, resourceful lives.