How Much Will It Cost To Stage?

Stagers everywhere hear this almost repeatedly, every day. Price is not the way to shop for staging; the property you are about to sell is likely your largest investment, why […]

Stagers everywhere hear this almost repeatedly, every day.
Price is not the way to shop for staging; the property you are about to sell is likely your largest investment, why penny pinch when so much is at stake?

The key to understanding staging is, that it’s about condition – not decorating. Should the place look good? Absolutely, without question but, it’s the condition of the property that will affect the price.
Research shows that people buy based on emotion, which is why we recommend staging take p lace before ANY marketing starts. Staging is a critical marketing tool when applied to property, residential or commercial; it not only highlights the features of the space, but shows a potential buyer the benefits of living in that space. Promoting the lifestyle they could lead, rather than how the current homeowner is utilizing the square footage.

The Real Estate Staging industry has been collecting statistics for many years, that prove time and again that staging is a powerful marketing tool, when done well. The recurring challenge is we often hear from sellers and agents “is it’s too much money”. Consider this, too much compared to what? Compared to sitting on the market, compared to having stress of not knowing whether you can move on with your life or compared to dropping your asking price? You will pay for staging one way or another; the best way is when you are in charge of the budget. Staging is NOT a cost; it is an investment in securing the most money possible, the most equity possible and the highest return from your investment.

Research shows price reductions are 8-10% with the first occurring after sitting on the market a month with little buyer interest. Pricing also affects you and the work you do as a real estate professional. How many of you have ever asked to drop your commission from 6% to 5% to 4%? How do you feel about that? That’s how stagers feel when agents and sellers asks a stager to work for less than what we’re valued.

I know one thing for sure when there is a fall out on a tight deadline and the deal is in jeopardy a seller is happy to pay whatever it takes to have the skills, knowledge, and the ability of experience to solve that problem. Any fee paid for a service, will be long forgotten once the deal is saved and goes through.
The saying, “you get what you pay for” holds true no matter which industry, particularly though important for the staging industry. As a non-regulated industry, anyone can decide to be a stager without knowing what they don’t know. That’s why it’s really important to request information from several stagers, vet them and know exactly what they’ll provide. Every stager is not the same.

Each stager has a different skill set, different abilities and knowledge that they bring to the table. The question is why would you jeopardize the equity of a property by working with the lowest priced stager? That’s worth thinking about. When you integrate real estate staging into your real estate marketing plan be sure you know what you’re getting. When working with a Certified Staging Professional® we will help solve a huge portion of the everyday challenges a Real Estate agent has while providing a value-added service to stand out in the industry.

Real Estate Staging works regardless of the price, location, condition, economy, or time of the year. Talk to a Certified Staging Professional® and they’ll help you and your seller maximize a property’s equity return in the shortest period of time.

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