How Staging Brings Value To You The Realtor

I am not going to throw statistics at you about staging or point out the growing number of TV shows that show how important staging is in selling your client’s property.  To quote Barbara Corcoran “Home Staging is no longer optional in this real estate market, it is a must!” What is the value to you as a Realtor to have your client’s property staged by a professional such as myself?

When you work with me, here is the value I bring to you and your client:

I compose and present a detailed list of recommendations to prepare their property for the real estate market. This eliminates any sensitive conversations between you and your client.

A Staged home is shown to have a lower time on the market. This frees you up to get more listings, have more time for fun and family.

Staged homes show to sell for more money. The value to you is more money for both  you and your client.

The previous 2 points will lead to more referrals from happy clients.

The reduction of any surprises showing up on a house inspection that gives the buyer the opportunity to reduce the price. You and your client will be aware of any issues that may arise, giving your client the chance to address them before listing. This puts you in a strong negotiating position for your client.

Having your listings Professionally Staged makes them and you stand out from your competition.

Your listing’s photos will look better on the internet where 95% of buyers start their search.

If you are interested in the  Statistics, please contact me I will be happy to provide them.


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About Cynthia M. Delve

Cynthia's love of travel has taken her all over the world. An appreciation for art, theatre and music along with cooking skills has given her a broad perspective on colour, design and style that reflects in her work as a Home Stager. She recently moved to Victoria from Kelowna, where she spent the last 12 years raising her three children. Prior to that they lived in both Vancouver and Toronto where their software company had offices until it was sold in 2003 and retired. Over the years she has helped family and friends design, organize, re-vamp their homes and businesses which naturally lead her to home staging. Cynthia served as the Chairperson of the National Advisory Committee for Aboriginals. She brings with her drive, strong organizational skills, deadline oriented, sense of style and commitment to provide exceptional service.