Cries From A House


One’s home should be their pride and joy, just like a new born baby. You must treat it with tender loving care.  Homeowners seek that special house just for them, whether it’s an old traditional style, modern, upscale or just the little house with the white picket fence. Once a upon a time, homeowners would keep their properties up by keeping the grass freshly cut each week, painting the wood back to its natural color after a hard and cold winter season, and made sure all repairs in the home were kept up.

What happened to the value of a home over the years? Why don’t homeowners take back pride in their investments. Therefore, I have created the feelings of a home and decided to write this blog just for you.  Let’s hear from “Cries From A House”.

Homeowner, you once fell in love with me at first sight. I was such a beauty from the outside as my green hair was always cut short each week, you enjoyed planting flowers, gardening, and made sure I was kept clean. My glass windows where my eyes looking out use to be cleaned weekly, now I can’t see out anymore to the beautiful sunshine, nor can buyers see from the outside.  I used to hold my own water during the raining seasons, but now my roof is leaking, and its running in on the inside of me. My entrance steps are now cracked and broken in some areas, and I’m afraid when buyers come to see me that I don’t look good, and they just walk away from me.

You used to repair my broken spaces on the inside. I had such great features when you first saw me. You loved the kitchen cabinetry, flooring, and the appliances were new. Oh, how I loved when you cooked in the kitchen and others would gather eat and have good conversations. I’m old now and falling apart. The appliances are old, dirty, and the flooring does not look new anymore.

You painted me with such dark colors in the rooms and I feel so sad and gloomy.  After years of accumulating items, there’s no more room inside my belly to hold the excess weight of belongings. When buyers come in, they stop at the front door and don’t really want to look any further, because they can’t envision themselves living here. The constant odor is no longer appealing as it stays for days, and no cleaning solution seems to help.  Buyers again, come in and some have allergic reactions and must immediately walk out. So, homeowner hear my cries as to what is wrong and fix me back up again so I can breathe in the fresh air, I can see out into the world, and foremost I want to be loved again by you before we depart ways so that the new homeowner will take back pride and see my best features.

Homeowners, as a CSP Real Estate Elite Stager during my pre-consultation, I encourage you to take heed in the staging preparation process that are necessary for you get your home prepared for selling to the potential buyers.  Remember, when you were looking for that perfect home and how you wanted a turn-key ready home that you could call your own, well do the same for the new homeowner.


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About Yolanda Tillman

Hello and Welcome! My name is Yolanda Tillman, and I am a proud Certified Staging Professional servicing the Washington, D.C. metro area, and my hometown of Sumter, S.C. and CEO of Tiera Interiors, LLC a Washington, DC home based interior decorating and real estate staging company. Years ago, I started out with a college career majoring in Interior Design, and truly have a passion for great design/décor when it comes to assisting my clients. I furthered my educational achievements with a Master in Business Administration, which enabled me to understand how to operate a successful business and learned management and people skills which landed me in my new found passion in real estate staging. I work with homeowners and their families through the staging and showcasing process. In addition to getting the staged home sold, Tiera Interiors, LLC is there to assist clients with the interior decoration of their new home. I am also a member of the Real Estate Staging Association, and affiliate member of Women's Council of Realtors. My team and I will be happy to assist you in the staging of your property, so you no longer have to spend stressful time in not knowing if your home will be sold. Contact me today to discuss how I can help you maximize your property's equity while selling one of your greatest assets. "We go the extra mile with a smile".