Home Stagers: Your Business Can Fulfill Your Dreams… But it Won’t Happen By Accident!

What made you decide to start a home staging business?

Was it because you have a knack for staging?

Was it because you see the rapidly-growing staging industry as a golden business opportunity?

Was it because you were ready to be your own boss?

For many of you, the answer is “all of the above.” And those are all good reasons! But here is something virtually every home stager we have worked with has in common: they hope that their staging business will fulfill their dreams and provide the financial security and the lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

Good news—your staging industry absolutely can accomplish these goals! We have seen it happen time and time again!

But, and this is important, it doesn’t happen automatically. You can’t simply open up shop and expect clients to rush in your door. Building a successful staging business takes hard work. But even more importantly, it takes purposeful work. Drifting aimlessly will not get the job in. But hard, purposeful work is a recipe for success in the staging industry.

You’re working hard—but does your work have a strategic purpose? Below are three essential “purpose” questions you must be able to answer.

1) What sets your business apart from the competition? Why should a potential client choose you for their staging needs? Every element of your business must be oriented to provide this answer. Your logo, your marketing efforts, your customer service… every aspect of your business must tell your story.

2) How can you ensure consistent, high quality service? What systems do you have in place to ensure that every client is thrilled with your work? Are you training your team to provide exceptional customer service?

3) What factors will drive the growth of your business? What will it take for your business to grow… and how are you addressing these factors? Is your service exceptional? Have you built a powerful brand? Is your business well-positioned within your market? Do you have effective marketing systems in place?

The home staging industry represents a fantastic opportunity for business owners. At CSP International™ Training Academy, we have seen thousands of stagers achieve success beyond their dreams. But it won’t happen without hard work, and even more importantly, the right systems , strategy and support. As the recipient of the RESA Lifetime Achievement award for helping the industry grow- I can help you turn your dreams into reality

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