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Are you struggling to gain a foothold in your marketplace? Are you worried about loosing business to cheap pricing? Are you working hard but just can’t get ahead? Or are you just plain overwhelmed?

Do you ever find yourself thinking “if I could just get started, I know I would make tons of money” or “I wish I knew how to do better presentations, build a better contract or understand pricing better” or “I feel stuck, I need a better plan because I just don’t know what to do next”.   If you have EVER had any of these thoughts, or others which are crowding your path to success then I have the answer for you! Please do continue reading!

Looking back on my working life I realise I have always been in sales, had a prosperity consciousness and MOST of the time a positive attitude.

I don’t know… maybe it comes from my British heritage, my hardworking mother, the fact I am a first born child AND a Scorpio!  Whatever it is which drives me in unique ways it took almost a lifetime for me to realise that not everyone has the skill sets I have.

As a young mum back in the 70’s wanting to have a bit of adventure outside of the home I had a number of business ventures (party plan, commission sales) and did so to be able to control my time, earn some money and have a work interest in my life while still being a fulltime mum.

In the 80’s when I became a single mum I needed to have a secure income so I accepted a role as a salesperson, steady hours, steady minimum salary and commission based on results. With less than a $30,000 salary I happily enjoyed a six figure income and eventually earned a senior management role managing a ten million dollar operation.  Since then I have successfully started and built a real estate staging business when no one was staging and went on to grow the most successful school for real estate staging in the world with thousands of graduates, and a business which continues to grow exponentially.

Sales, marketing, process, efficiencies and big picture thinking are not the forte of most small business owners.   Best selling author and the world’s small business Guru Michael E. Gerber says “entrepreneurs start a small business usually to create a sense of security. They are usually great technicians (stager, decorator, dentist, therapist, mechanic, pie baker etc) who create a job for themselves as sole proprietors, or perhaps employ one or two people but whose business fails to grow, marking time by repeating the same tasks over and over – never reaching the financial sense of security they want or need”.

Disillusionment for entrepreneurs happens when they realise starting, building, maintaining a sustainable, profitable business is WAY more work than they anticipated; they really hadn’t thought it all the way through and even if they had stopped to think about it they would have likely said, “I will figure it out as I go”   More often than not entrepreneurial ventures fail or fail to reach their potential when they were so close to reaching success – they couldn’t see it because the future looked cloudy from their perspective ..As the old saying goes “when you are up to your a** in alligators, it is hard to remember your original intention was to drain the swamp”

Darren Hardy of Success Magazine said recently “ We are at the beginning of one of the greatest periods of opportunity ever in human history. While there has always been opportunity, the sea of changes we’ve experienced over the past few years have unearthed possibilities unlike anything ever seen before — particularly for the budding entrepreneur.”

The CSP® business program is a solid foundation for building a successful profitable business.  History has shown us that some graduates do not follow the process we teach, or deviate from the plan and get lost, get started and get overwhelmed with the succeess/growth or just plain don’t get started.

Regardless of the reason if you are not 100% happy with your business right now, if you want peace, harmony, money, success, a little help or a lot then invitation to be part of the CSP International™™ Elite Inner Circle of Success is definitely for you! It will give you the coaching and guidance to implement the business parts you struggle with, will put an end to any sleepless, worried filled nights and onto the path to financial success.
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