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Christine is a guest writer for a few industry blogs.  Here are some featured articles from these blogs:

“What does ‘Britain Got Talent’ Singer Susan Boyle Have to Do With Staging?” –
If you are one of the millions of YouTube watchers of the Susan Boyle video in “Britain Got Talent” show you will have witnessed the PERFECT metaphor for staging there ever was. Treat yourself; watch it—even if you have seen it, go there again and experience the euphoria, then come back to this blog. People will always pre-judge appearance. Apparently its human nature, so no matter how cute the house, how sweet the deal, people will write it off as a lost leader from the outset unless it projects at least the perception of success. :: Read More

“Paint the World Green” –
In contemplating content for this article I pondered a while on the power of one. One idea, one person, one small step, one action, one will and the effects those things can have on the world – ONE-DERFUL.
We hear many stories over the centuries of people who believed so passionately and spoke so strongly about an issue that they were able to raise the awareness of the social consciousness until everyone cared enough to help make strategic changes of significant proportion to help make the world a better place. Now the power of one is making a huge difference again. This time not only will it change the world but its goal is to save it. :: Read More

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