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For Real Estate Pros:
Maximize Your Client’s Equity Through Staging

A Four-Hour Webinar Designed To Give You The Marketing Edge Through Understanding, Using And Easily Selling Property Staging To Your Clients For Top Dollar Transactions

  • Do you see the importance of detailing your car before you sell it?
  • Would you prefer someone else handle the ‘sticky’ conversations about your client’s property to preserve your relationship with them?
  • If you could get a home sold 90% faster than average, would you do what it takes?
  • Would you like to attract more listing appointments?
  • What would happen with your reputation if you were known as the “must see” property agent?

All this and more is possible when you understand the ins and outs of staging and how it can impact not only your clients but your personal career.

By now you have likely heard that staging is a powerful, practical marketing strategy used to enhance a house for sale and secure the most money in the shortest time.

Certified Staging Professionals® use a three-step process that begins with a consultation to get the property ready for ‘showcasing’ the property, which uses lifestyle selling techniques to merchandize the space and create a positive impact on buyers the minute they walk through the door.

Staging is an approach to real estate that was literally created in a slow market to move properties faster and easier; now it’s growing by leaps and bounds as a necessity in any property sales transaction!

The Real Estate Staging Association, through whom CSP® is accredited, reports that staged homes spend almost 90% less time on the market than non-staged homes. Staged properties reflect maximum values for your clients and create connections between potential buyers and your client properties. And all that’s great… but how do you sell your CLIENTS on staging? That’s what the Elite™ Program teaches you.

You can learn:

  • The impact home staging has on buying and selling decisions
  • The evolution of staging over time – and why you need to know
  • Case studies and statistics – and how to integrate them into presentation packages
  • Benefits for you, your seller and the buyer to implement staging in the process
  • The four factors that determine a sale
  • Facts, trends and statistics you can use to communicate effectively
  • The difference between a good and a great photograph – and the effect on property sales
  • How to get the seller involved in the staging process – and how your stager keeps your client motivated throughout the process
  • Cost vs. value – which projects bring the biggest return on investment
  • The types of staging consultations
  • Curb appeal, color and room design principles – and how to present them to your client
  • Pricing and who pays
  • Plus much more…!!!

To be clear, you will not learn the art and science of staging or how to start a staging business. Instead, you will learn how to incorporate staging services into your existing real estate business.

You will discover how to market staging to attract more listings, how to use staging services to close those listings faster (and with better results) than if staging was not included in the marketing process.

Of course, you’ll also learn how to communicate effectively with the property owner to have their cooperation in preparing for the sale and the information needed to choose the right professional stager for you to implement this successful marketing strategy.

This comprehensive workshop provides insight, principles, best practices and strategies for agents to assist property sellers to maximize equity gain during the sale of a property.

The details:

  • You will receive 2 two-hour webinars, taught by Christine Rae personally.
  • A companion workbook, Maximizing Your Client’s Equity with Staging, with the lessons and information for easy reference.
  • An open book exam to certify your knowledge post-training, which is needed to earn your prestigious CSP Elite™ Affiliate designation and are granted permission to use the CSP Elite™ Affiliate logo in all marketing and promotional pieces for two years from your date of completion (renewal thereafter is $50).
  • A BONUS Home Staging Information Kit, which includes everything you need to easily and effectively present staging to your client (think of it as your marketing edge strategy in action).


Upon payment, you will receive the above materials via download link . You will also be directed to an option purchase page with tools to build on your knowledge and success: Agents edge, Sellers edge, Home Staging for Dummies book as well as special offer on Christine’s latest book SOLD!

Please complete the exam as quickly as possible and return that to CSP International™ to receive your certification. Once your exam has been verified as successful, you will receive the CSP Elite™ Agent/ Affiliate logo via a download link, AND be placed in the CSP ELITE AGENT Directory for marketing purposes.

We appreciate there are choices for training out there; CSP® International is the leader, having operated the longest and had the most direct impact in developing the industry.

Even if you have existing knowledge about staging, you will find that CSP® offers a comprehensive curriculum based on best practices for profitability, professionalism, business and efficiencies (many of them set by CSP®).

Maybe the biggest reason to take the Elite™ Program is because your competitors are catching on to get the marketing edge in your local area…


I just completed the 2 part webinar; I thought the webinar was excellent, with a wealth of information, and I look forward to moving forward with the Designation and integrating the staging process further into our business model.

Jackie Martin, Sales Representative
L.H. Lind Realty Inc., Brokerage





4 Hours

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