Feng Shui Fun

Feng Shui Fun For Stagers

A 60-Minute Webinar That Teaches Ancient Wisdom For Modern Application In Staging
To Create Greater Flow For Your Clients In The Selling Process

Feng Shui is not a ‘fad’ that adds a fancy name to interior decorating. In fact, it can help you enhance the sale of your client’s property when you know some basic principles.

About 4,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered the keys to enhanced energy flow by working with environments and spatial relationships within them. This practice, Feng Shui, was brought to North America about 25 years ago, which is why people perceive it as something new.

So this ‘ancient Chinese secret’ is alive and well… and people are learning every day how to enlist their environments in supporting their goals for success.

Feng Shui is traditionally thought of as being a physical environment practice. However, the interpretation of Feng Shui principles can provide many benefits to a given environment – including aligning the space with its’ incoming new owner. (You can see how Feng Shui can support you in delivering results for your clients!)

Feng Shui works for everyone and every property in a personal way. It is highly individualized and quite literal in application – you and your clients will experience something different as a result of working with Feng Shui principles.

As each person / property begins to unlock the common sense of Feng Shui, our world gets a little bit closer to our natural energetic state – and real estate properties attract their best owners!

You can learn:

  • The origins of Feng Shui – and why it matters today

  • The definition of chi (and how to know if it’s flowing)

  • How lot shapes and positioning can affect potential buyer attraction

  • The three environmental ‘power keys’ and how to adjust them for optimal flow

  • How to ‘read’ the energy of any environment using the Bagua map

  • The significance of colors, including their meanings and best placement

  • Answers to your personal questions… and more.





75 Minutes


Making the most of human nature since 1998, when she began her current business as a Feng Shui practitioner and teacher, Lynn Scheurell believes that business is your highest calling made manifest through service. Your environment is the key to your world; change your stuff, change your life. Beyond that, contributing to the world through entrepreneuring starts by understanding your motivations, inspirations and purpose – in other words, changing the world starts within you. And then you apply your intensity through strategic business models, systems and focused action to create conscious, and often dramatic, results. To learn more, see www.MyCreativeCatalyst.com

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