Marketing Advantage Program

Beginning With Eight Online Modules,
The CSP® Marketing Advantage Camp Puts
What You Learned In Training
To Build Your Business To Work

The CSP® Marketing Advantage Program (MAP) is designed to support the different levels of business skills of our alumni. Its multi‐level components acknowledge that people learn differently and within their own time commitments.

The virtual (online) format of webinars and recorded teleclasses ensures you can learn when and where you want – from the comfort of your own environment and on your schedule as you need it. The pace is upbeat, the tone is motivational and the content is substantive.

The modules are concise and chock-full of powerful and practical marketing tools, strategies and shortcuts, all designed to allow you to work at your own pace, with step-by-step instruction.

And the live Q & A classes with Christine Rae and premium, hand-selected marketing experts means your personal questions get answered as they come up from taking action in marketing your business.

By the way, to be clear, this program is an exclusive FREE benefit for CSP® graduates.

Program Overview

The CSP® staging course gives proven marketing strategies and staging business processes for attracting and working with clients. After graduation, certified alumni are invited to dive deep into the marketing strategies that the CSP® Staging Program delivers by learning how to systematically implement them.

In this eight part webinar series, you will be guided through key marketing concepts along with the essential step-by-step recommended action steps to create a solid marketing presence.

1. Business Basics – Discover the first three things you need to do to successfully ‘anchor’ your new business and more to get started right and right now.

2. Business Clarity – Learn how to create effective marketplace positioning quickly and easily.

3. Getting Started In Marketing Your Business – definition of marketing, take the fear out of marketing, overview of online / offline marketing strategies, first steps to ‘anchor’ your marketing

4. The Art of Differentiation: How To Help Your Market See You – your unique value proposition, how to craft powerful marketing messages, branding / promotional leverage

5. Using Social Media Effectively To Brand Your Business – tribe building, building relationships with Facebook, the language of Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

6. The Lead Capture Process – marketing / sales funnel, the systems you need to market effectively, the opt-in process, database management, client cultivation, how to handle objections

7. Technical How-To’s of Marketing – creating online newsletters, creating a weblog, Google, basic SEO tips and best practices, e-books, building value-add presentations, video marketing

8. Designing Your Expert Platform – definition of a platform, the components of a good platform, how to build one, how to outsource effectively, advanced promotional strategies

Additional webinars within MAP build on the basics above by covering such topics as: promotional materials, your CSP profile and promotions, blogs, your business website, databases and mailing lists, the 8 Touch Campaign, relationship cultivation, CSP Preferred Pricing Partners and more.

To access your MAP to staging business success, simply login to the Resource Centre and get started!

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