Your time is valuable. You need information fast when you need it. And technology is the bridge to deliver it to you via the privacy of your own computer 24/7 with CSP® Webinars.

A webinar is an online presentation with audio that can be delivered real-time or recorded as a learning tool. CSP® chooses topics based on relevancy to your business to shorten your learning curve. Subject matter experts are selected as instructors to bring you the best available content for maximum value.

Topics range from staging tips to business development strategies and niche market how-to’s. If you would like a particular topic that you don’t see listed, please email your suggestion now.

Our webinar library is constantly expanding, so be sure to check back for valuable new topics.

Marketing & Business

Home Staging

This free webinar has vital foundational information about staging as a career for you. You’ll learn straight from CSP® Founder and President, Christine Rae what you need to know about becoming a professional stager. Click here to view now.

Mastering The Art of Difficult Conversation with Sellers

As professional staging consultants, we are first and foremost in the communications business. When serving our clients, it is not enough to KNOW what has to be said and not even enough to SAY what has to be said.

It’s HOW you present yourself and your recommendations so that home sellers will listen, understand, accept and take action.

Elite™ Program For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents need to maximize their clients’ equity by getting the most money from their sale. Staged homes sell an average of 17% higher than not-staged homes and a recent HomeGain® survey of 2,000+ realtors showed that sellers who staged their home recovered almost 200% of the cost upon sale. But how do you get your seller to stage their property? Designed specifically to support you in understanding the tangible power of staging in moving a property faster and easier, and the language with which to present it to your clients, this comprehensive webinar teaches what you need to know to position staging with your clients.

From Rejection to Revenues

Rejection, or the fear or feeling of rejection, can be one of the fastest ways to take yourself out of being successful. The greater tragedy is that you will not be able to help the people who are looking for you if you are worrying about disapproval, judgment or rejection.

Colour Clinic

Colour for Selling and Dwelling

Ever get nervous about bringing in the color? Tired of trial and error? Get tips & techniques that will help you color a room with confidence. Learn how to apply time tested color skills to walls, floors, ceilings and more…

Decorating / Staging Focus™ Courses

Floral Design for Stagers

Add flair to your staging projects but also contribute to positive emotional responses from buyers. Learn how quality floral design can not only add flair to your staging projects but also contribute to positive emotional responses from buyers.

Feng Shui Fun For Stagers

Feng Shui is the product of thousands of years of understanding how people are affected by the environments in which they live and work. It is the study of how to create harmony between the energy of the earth and the human body for a positive relationship. By understanding Feng Shui basics, stagers can support their project properties in harnessing powerful natural energies to facilitate emotional bonding for buyers and faster, smoother transactions for sellers.

Green Certification

Certified Eco–Professionals™ Program

Available across North America, the CSP® Certified Eco–Professional™ Program for Real Estate Professionals, Home Stagers, Decorators, Contractors and Business Owners is designed to educate corporations, business professionals and individuals on the topics of sustainability, energy saving & green build science.

Certified Eco-Stager™

The CSP International™ Business Training Academy‘s extensive experience in both home staging and green build science training and practices provides a solid base of knowledge and best practice experience in generating sustainable business results among eco-conscious consumers and real estate professionals.

Chemicals Hiding in Plain Sight

Did you know…Since 1999 the Center for Disease Control has measured 219 chemicals in people’s blood and urine? Many of these chemicals are found in common everyday items in your home. Learn how household cleaners are effecting your health and the health of the planet; also learn how simple changes will create a healthier home and planet for all.

“Greening” Your Business Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Learn how the “Green” industry growth impacts business, life, clients and home! Christine Rae makes it interesting and easy to understand how the simplest changes that you make to the way you live, will help the earth, your family and your business. Also learn about a earning and leveraging the Certified EcoProfessional designation to build credibility with your client base.

Senior Move Management


Incorporate new services into your business! Enhance your knowledge of working with Zoomers. This Introductory course is perfect for the stager looking to increase competency with older adults or incorporate new services into their home staging business.

Zoomer Staging Specialist™

Did you know there will be an estimated 82 million people over the age 65 living in the USA by the year 2050? How will this affect your business in the future? As a Zoomer Staging Specialist™ you will learn vital information about the senior living industry, how to increase your profitability and what Senior Move Management is all about.

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