ATTENTION: Christine Rae is Coming Back to Concord, CA!!!

I am very excited to tell you, I am coming to Concord, CA to teach the CSP 3 day Certification Program!!!! Whether you are a Veteran CSP, a newly graduated […]

I am very excited to tell you, I am coming to Concord, CA to teach the CSP 3 day Certification Program!!!! Whether you are a Veteran CSP, a newly graduated CSP just starting out or have yet to take the training, this is an opportunity NOT TO BE MISSED.

CNN named staging as the #1 Growth industry and in my business and staging experience, entrepreneurs, I believe need a solid business foundation as well as creative talent to be successful. CSP International Business Training Academy is the staging industry leader known for experience, excellence, reputation and RESULTS.

A friend of mine always says “CSP is the best kept secret; people who are starting a business need solid information but they also need continuing support, encouragement and resources. CSP provides all of that and more” No risk start up for very little investment.

Valid certification, practical experience, married with “in the field” current knowledge plus marketing, sales, business, contracting, pricing, decorating, staging, color and real estate with advanced learning opportunities! Why gamble with the health of your business when you can learn from experts and rise with giants.

Come meet and train with me, Christine Rae- owner, founder and program creator, in Concord, CA November 2-4, 2105. This is a one-time event for me to be in this area this year and may not be repeated…don’t miss this opportunity!

There are many choices out there for education- they are not alike. Don’t choose your education on price alone- measure the value, speak to the people who have taken the program.


Becoming a CSP staging consultant is an opportunity to be in business for yourself – without being by yourself.

The CSP business model is based on personal direct sales and operates as a home-based business – without the need for retail space. You can work from your home, making it easy and cost-effective to get started, and expand into office space if and when that makes sense for your business.

In 2005, CSP launched a unique continuing education model that established precedent for excellence and demonstrates leadership within the industry.

Since then, CSP has continued to lead the way with comprehensive resources, negotiating discounts for proven business-building tools you can use right away and an online Resource Centre to support program graduates with real-world expertise and solutions.


DATE: November 2-4, 2015
TIME: Day 1 & 2 8:00am- 6:00pm PDT and Day 3(live staging event) 7:00am- 6pm PDT



To Staging Your Future with CSP®~

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About Christine Rae

Christine Rae blends her passion for the staging and decorating industries, her desire for helping people develop their potential, the thrill of training to the presentation of the CSPâ„¢ workshop. She has honed her skills and built her knowledge through extensive training in a variety of disciplines. During the last five years Christine has trained over 1600 people and in 2004 was recipient of an International Staging Award. Christine believes a crucial part of success as a trainer is to keep your hand in the industry you speak and teach about. This is why she continues to work (outside of training sessions) at building her own staging business, and works with a select group of Realtors® . The best business anyone can have is from a referral - it is an honor and privilege to work with you and your sphere of influence. Wellness with Essential Oils: