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One of the best ways to learn the quality of any provider is to find out what other people are saying about them. Here are three recent comments from three […]

One of the best ways to learn the quality of any provider is to find out what other people are saying about them. Here are three recent comments from three different CSP® students.

A 7-Minute Audio from CSP® Simone Goyette about her recent training experience:

A brief case study from Maria DiMartino of Northern New Jersey:

“A few months ago I took another Home Staging Certification program. I learned very little, have since received no support and was not effectively taught everything about the industry and how to run a staging business. Completion of that program left me confused and floundering. I was not prepared to start my business with any sense of confidence.

I decided to search a bit more extensively to find a better Home Staging certification course. I committed to taking the three day extensive course offered by CSP in NYC with Nairn Friemann. I chose to take this course because Nairn is one of the top stagers in the area. If you are going to learn a new skill, might as well learn from the best! Furthermore, they offer a hands-on experience on the third day of the class, something that is not offered by most other programs. I feel strongly that if you want to learn and be creative, you need to do this in person. An on-line course, in a creative industry, is just not going to cut it.

The class was absolutely unbelievable. I learned so much, not just about the creative facets of staging, but also the business aspect of this industry. I learned how to do a consultation, how to write a proposal and how to market a staging business. It was hard work, but well worth the investment of my time and money. I would highly recommend the CSP program to anyone who is SERIOUS about starting a Home Staging company. It is the best and most thorough program offered.”

A nearly poetic, simple summary of staging training from new CSP® Jill Ackerman, Hamilton/Dundas area of Ontario, Canada

“CSP Staging Training:
Is a structure, a science and a process that makes sense. Staging is a marketing tool that contributes and honors the home owner and makes the realtor’s life easier.”

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To Staging Your Future with CSP®~

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About Christine Rae

Christine Rae blends her passion for the staging and decorating industries, her desire for helping people develop their potential, the thrill of training to the presentation of the CSPâ„¢ workshop. She has honed her skills and built her knowledge through extensive training in a variety of disciplines. During the last five years Christine has trained over 1600 people and in 2004 was recipient of an International Staging Award. Christine believes a crucial part of success as a trainer is to keep your hand in the industry you speak and teach about. This is why she continues to work (outside of training sessions) at building her own staging business, and works with a select group of Realtors® . The best business anyone can have is from a referral - it is an honor and privilege to work with you and your sphere of influence. Wellness with Essential Oils: