CSP Graduates Scoop Top Honors at Trade Association Awards Event

Christine Rae, President and CEO of CSP International Business Training Academy recently shared the results of this year’s Real Estate Staging Awards(RESA) event in Las Vegas. 4 of the top […]

Christine Rae, President and CEO of CSP International Business Training Academy recently shared the results of this year’s Real Estate Staging Awards(RESA) event in Las Vegas.

4 of the top 7 honors went to CSP graduates, with 25 more CSP’s receiving recognition, accolades and awards!

The Real Estate Staging Association annually awards recognition to staging professionals from Canada and USA for outstanding work in the field. Submissions are voted on by the members and selected peer group. Last year 22 of the recipients were CSP graduates; this year there were 29 CSP graduates receiving recognition, accolades and awards.

“It is very exciting”, said Rae. “It is the most graduates we have seen of any one group – almost 40% of all awards went to CSP graduates. It is evident from the results that talented people do value establishing their credibility by earning certification through a viable, credible industry leader like CSP International Business Training Academy. The results speak for themselves; as the leader in the field of staging education we are so proud to share their success.”

As a non-regulated industry, with a low barrier to entry staging is a magnet for décor conscious individuals wanting to turn talent into cash. It is gratifying that many highly talented individuals who migrate to this industry, to their credit, invest first in a solid business education in order for their business to best grow and flourish. Even though no one expects it, CSP International set the bar high when the training and examination process was created. Graduates know and are proud, the CSP certification is the toughest staging credential to achieve. CSP intentionally created a competence symbol for excellence in the field for client assurance and for new business confidence; while it provides graduates with a GPS to success it also indicates to potential clients a high level of competence, independence, professionalism, integrity and technical aptitude. A client gains assurance that this company’s systems and certif ication is based on consistent conformance with internationally accepted practices and procedures.

CSP International truly encourage graduates to participate and support the RESA event. Entering a body of work to earn an award is an often undervalued and overlooked process. Playing small doesn’t serve the world; claiming your achievement is a statement of confidence in your abilities. It doesn’t matter how small or large a business is, it is worth the investment of time and resources and the process builds confidence for the entrant. Awards celebrate hard work and success while also providing great PR opportunities.

Rae said, “It’s fantastic to be recognized, even if you are not the ultimate overall winner; it’s important to make sure people know what your business has achieved. Winning a business award can open doors to getting contracts, finding new supply channels and breaking into new markets. Customers like to be associated with a winning company, and potential customers often make their purchasing decisions based on the decisions of other businesses like theirs. When prospective customers see you have won an award, it can sway them to choose you over your competition because you’re seen as a stable and high-quality company.”

CSP International is proud to acknowledge the recognition for superlative work in the field of real estate staging for occupied, vacant, redesign, rising star, teams and innovation.

Four of seven overall winners were CSP graduates; here are all the CSP nominee’s and winners for 2016.

2016 Category Winners: 57% CSPs

• Professional Stager of the Year, Vacant Canada- Red Barrinuevo
• Professional Stagers of the Year, Vacant Category, USA- Todd McAllister
• Professional Stagers of the Year, Occupied Category, Canada- Susi Pereira
• Rising Star Home Stagers of the Year- Tianna Woods

2016 Top Ten Professional Stagers of the Year, Vacant Category, Canada: 60% CSP’s

• Red Barrinuevo *Overall winner
• Michelle Finnamore
• Monica Stanciu
• Darcy Anderson
• Sadiya Qureshi
• Catherine LeBlanc

Top Ten Professional Stagers of the Year, Occupied Category, Canada: 70% CSP’s

• Susi Pereira *Overall winner
• Cheryl Trudell
• Kelly Peletier
• Ginny Truyens
• Erin Chaim-Lazer
• Diane Hamel
• Karen McMillan

2016 Top Ten Rising Star Home Stagers of the Year: 50% CSP’s

• Tianna Woods *Overall Winner
• Cindy Coughlin
• Kay Habib
• Pramiti Bhargava
• Tiffany Hardgrave

2016 Top Ten Home Staging Teams of the Year: 30% CSP’s

• INhance IT! Home Staging
• Home Ingredients
• 2 Sisters Homestyling Inc.

2016 Top Ten Re-designers of the Year: 40% CSP’s
• Darcy Anderson *Overall winner
• Barbara Bryan
• Lori Pedersen
• Jillian Summers

2016 Innovator of the Year: 50% CSP

• Catherine LeBlanc

This could be you next year! If you want to train with the best, come get CSP Certified. If your passion needs reigniting come back to class, take a webinar or reach out and ask: we are here to assist you.

We look forward to celebrating your success.

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About Christine Rae

Christine Rae blends her passion for the staging and decorating industries, her desire for helping people develop their potential, the thrill of training to the presentation of the CSPâ„¢ workshop. She has honed her skills and built her knowledge through extensive training in a variety of disciplines. During the last five years Christine has trained over 1600 people and in 2004 was recipient of an International Staging Award. Christine believes a crucial part of success as a trainer is to keep your hand in the industry you speak and teach about. This is why she continues to work (outside of training sessions) at building her own staging business, and works with a select group of Realtors® . The best business anyone can have is from a referral - it is an honor and privilege to work with you and your sphere of influence. Wellness with Essential Oils: http://www.christineraelivingoils.com