Home staging industry expert to teach 3-day staging course in Mississauga

“This course is the BEST of the BEST!!! I have taken 2 other staging courses previously: one at Humber College and the other with a USA competitor of CSP. Neither of these 2 courses equipped me adequately for running a business. As I got bogged down writing a business plan, the FEAR factor set in. CSP’s complimentary webinar on the subject, ” is Fear stopping you. . .” got me confronting the obstacles and ultimately got me to take the program. Now, I’m on track and enthusiastic to get going. The strengths of this program are teaching sound business practice, teaching staging as a process, the trainers vast experience in the business, very efficient and effective support staff, credible examinations that actually make the designation meaningful, the Hands-on staging experience and VERY IMPORTANT after graduation the opportunities for mentorship and continuing education. Keep up the good work! Need I say more?”

-Jean M. Jones CCSP Toronto, ON

Christine Rae

Christine Rae

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When: Beginning August 18, 2018

Industry leader Christine Rae is coming to Mississauga to teach the 3-day Certified Staging Professionals Course!

CSP is staging training you can trust delivered through a 3-day live intensive program that is unparalleled in the industry. Becoming a CSP requires more than an impersonal online “cookie-cutter quickie” program. It requires:

– The nuts and bolts of staging
– Ongoing support and community
– Hands-on training experience
– Entrepreneurial and marketing skills

CSP is simply the best education and support for your new career and includes valuable start-up resources, an apprenticeship program, substantive content, proven in-the-field instructors and premier training from the staging industry leader.

Join us in Mississauga, you’ll be glad you did!

Register Here: https://www.stagingtraining.com/store/order_online.php?program_type=8&event_id=2184&program_id=8

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More about Christine Rae: http://www.stagingtraining.com/christine-bio

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About Christine Rae

Christine Rae blends her passion for the staging and decorating industries, her desire for helping people develop their potential, the thrill of training to the presentation of the CSPâ„¢ workshop. She has honed her skills and built her knowledge through extensive training in a variety of disciplines. During the last five years Christine has trained over 1600 people and in 2004 was recipient of an International Staging Award. Christine believes a crucial part of success as a trainer is to keep your hand in the industry you speak and teach about. This is why she continues to work (outside of training sessions) at building her own staging business, and works with a select group of Realtors® . The best business anyone can have is from a referral - it is an honor and privilege to work with you and your sphere of influence. Wellness with Essential Oils: http://www.christineraelivingoils.com